December 5, 2014

it's better to burn out . . .

Burnout is something every creative professional has to face at some point in their career (and if you never do, consider yourself blessed). When it hits, there's really no single, one-size-fits all cure. It's something each person has to claw their own way back from (or else, to finish the quote . . . fade away.)
I hit that wall with my illustration a few years ago, during a period when my work/life balance was completely out of whack, and my frustrations, both internal and external, felt overwhelming. We all face demons big and small, and I won't claim my situation was any tougher than what someone else has been through, but I decided then that I needed to stop pursuing illustration for awhile.
In retrospect it was the right choice. That hiatus gave me a chance to recharge my spirit and rediscover what I loved so much about making art in the first place. And although I'm pulled back by the gravity of pen to paper and brush to canvas, it's with a fresh perspective of who I am as an artist and where I want my work to take me.
So maybe Neil Young was right, it is better to burn out.